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Dalai Lama

TV Desi

TV-Desi is a new broadband IPTV service serving the growing South Asian Diaspora. TV-Desi carries the largest and most varied selection of channels and programming from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal in multiple languages so you can stay connected and keep up on the news, happenings and culture in the homeland.

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Launched in September 2005, KylinTV is the future of entertainment, which is the first and only IPTV service dedicated to the Chinese community living in North America.


KylinTV offers access to over 60 of the most popular TV channels and 30,000 + hours of Video-On-Demand programming. KylinTV comes to the marketplace through the stewardship of two investors, Charles B. Wang, founder of Computer Associates, and Charles Dolan, founder of Cablevision. Production is made possible through technology partnerships with Neulion, Inc of Plainview, New York, and Transvideo of Beijing, China.

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Talfazat-ART is the premier online Arabic TV network in Canada, streaming over 50 popular live Arabic TV channels for the whole family; including news, entertainment, music and sports channels and a wide variety of popular on-demand Arabic TV content, including popular entertainment programs, top Ramadan shows and series, music and movies.

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JumpTV Latino

JumpTV Latino

JumpTV Latino is the premier online Latin American TV network, streaming up to 30 popular live Latin American TV channels and lots of hours of On-Demand videos, including news, entertainment, music and sports channels and more.

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