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World of Soccer

Online soccer learning !

Tony Waiters of World of Soccer, hosts a number of online coaching seminars covering a variety of soccer topics. To view these sessions, you will require the Windows Media Player on your computer. The cost for each seminar is only $7.95 USD. (Special rates are available for bulk purchasing by clubs.)


All sessions are held live online. Questions can be posed directly to Tony and his coaching staff and special guests directly through your web browser or you can call in via a toll free 1-800 number. And don't worry if you miss the live event, the cost covers archive viewing for up to 3 months!





The Beginning Player. How the coach can make soccer fun for the players and themselves while developing the skills of the game.


Coaching 9 - 12 Year Olds - the Golden Age of Learning. How the coach can take advantage of this very productive learning period with practices and games that make it fun for everyone


Systems of Play. What is the best way for the coach to place his/her team into a formation that maximizes the abilities of the players?


Goalkeeping and the Team Coach. How the coach can evaluate the goalkeeping performance and present meaningful practices that will help the goalkeeper. How to integrate the goalkeeper into the team practice.


Set Plays. Free Kicks, Corner Kicks and other "dead ball" situations account for up to 50% of all goals scored. No coach in 11 vs. 11 soccer can ignore this aspect of team preparation.


Developing Team Play for 12- to 15-Year Old Players. "Team Play" is about much more than Systems of Play. It is about maximizing the team performance by blending the talents of your players. There are tried and trusted methods for team practice that are covered in this clinic.


Technique Development. "There are no tactics without technique." Developing high levels of technical performance through practice.


Conditioning Methods for Soccer. What should be done (or not done) with 6-year olds, 10-year olds or 16-year olds? Soccer is a game requiring high fitness levels. But what is appropriate for the different age groups and what methods should be used?


Developing Skills for Soccer in the Backyard. Methods that players on their own or with one or two friends can use in the backyard or in the local park.



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